all about music


These are the guys who have been crawling around the shop since the beginning of the project "Havnarmenn".

     Sámal Lindenskov: Guitars

Heini Fosaa: Bass, Drums,  

Percussion and programming

Dánjal Bærentsen, 

Guitars and Vocals

Independent Artists

On our last releases, we have been blessed to play along with these beautiful and skillful musicians.

Sissal Grækarisdóttir Magnussen, Lead Vocals and choir

          Johan Martin Jacobsen, bass

Silas Hannesarson, Violin

Vár Iversen Lindenskov


        Jógvan Olsen, Keyboards and Piano

Oda Drós Østerø, Violin

They have played with us

Here are some of the great musicians and singers we've had the honor of working with on this project

Eyðun Johannesen: Bass

Anna Maria Olsen,

vocals, and percussion

Ronny Nielsen,

vocals, perc., and guitar

Mortan Zachariassen,


Sirikit Jacobsen


Arnfríð Lútzen


Bjarki Meitil


Arnold Ludvig, Bass

Magni W Husgaard

Keyboards and Piano

Mike Viderøe, Vocals

    Sverri M. Edvinson 

  Keyboards and piano